Getting a Walgreens Passport Photo

There are thousands of Walgreens locations found throughout the United States that offer passport photo services at an affordable price. The Walgreens passport photo cost is $14.99 for two 2x2 inch photos. Get travel-ready with two perfectly sized, professional-quality photos at Walgreens.

Photos can be ready in minutes and printed in compliance with government regulations. Walgreens passport photo service is perfect for employees, students, gym members and travelers who are applying for a US passport book or card.

You do not need to call and schedule an appointment to use this service. However, we recommend you call the specific store before you go to make sure the service is available.

What do I need to bring?

You do not need to bring anything with you to get your passport picture taken. Walgreens does not submit any paperwork, they only offer to take photos that meet the passport photo requirements.

Order passport photos online

Walgreens does not offer their passport photo service online. You must come to one of their locations in order to get your pictures. But they are fast, in most cases done in minutes or within the hour.

There is a service called Vital Docs, which is an app, that does allow you to send your passport photo to a Walgreens location after a verification process.